Charlee's Angels Foundation for 

Shaken Baby Syndrome

(Inflicted Traumatic Brain Injury) 

more recently referred to as Abusive Head Trauma.

Last updated 10th July 2019

We are currently not fundraising or taking any money. Our JustGiving account is currently offline and we are concentrating solely on providing a support and advice network for our members.   

 If SBS has shattered your life and you live in the UK, please get in touch. We have a private support network on Facebook and some of us meet up. We want to support you too! 

Please click the button below to take you to our prevention page. Find out how to prevent SBS and the Signs and Symptoms .

Have you heard of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) or Inflicted Traumatic Brain Injury? If yes, then you will know how serious and devastating it is. If no, then please take some time to read this.

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Shaken Baby Syndrome/ Inflicted Traumatic Brain Injury is a form of Child Abuse called Abusive Head Trauma (AHT). This is a servere and preventable form of child abuse that will result in life changing consequences.

SBS results from violently shaking a baby/infant. Although babies (newborn to 4 months) are at greatest risk of SBS, it has been seen in children upto five years of age.

SBS may result from shaking a baby alone or from impact, with or without shaking. The resulting Whiplash effect will cause bleeding on the brain, blood clots or/ and damage to the eyes.

All victims will suffer serious health issues as a result of been violently shaken such as blindness, deafness, brain damage and paralysis. Sadly, one in every four Babies die from SBS.


Why think of SBS as a taboo subject? 

If we don't talk about it

then no one knows about it's meaning and there would be no awareness.

Shaken Baby Syndrome happens when someone snaps and violently shakes a baby causing a rapid whiplash effect causing irreversible damage to the victim 

It may be a family member, your husband, your wife, your partner or your friend. In most cases it's someone we know and trust. The most important thing is that you NEVER blame yourself for something that this person has done. If you notice something unexplainable about your child like bruises, teeth marks and so on, I have put a link to the NSPCC website at the bottom of this page.

We will never know all the facts of why someone would do such a cruel thing and if we could perform a miracle and stop child abuse we would but if we can prevent a child from being violently shaken by offering vital information, it will hopefully have an impact on Abusive Head Trauma in the UK.


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"Life as the family knew it, was about to change forever"

Judge Rinder

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BBC Panorama.

Did you know that Dr. Waney Squier had been struck off after giving false evidence based on her own opinions in Shaken Baby Trials?

Waney Squier went outside of her field of expertise to give evidence based on false facts to dispute the existence of Shaken Baby Syndrome,

She has since been struck off.  We had long discussions with BBC Panorama about the hard evidence and life long consequences of Shaken Baby Syndrome proving that it does indeed exist.  Joanne Senior and son Charlie live with the life long consequences of Shaken Baby Syndrome and took part in the making of the

BBC Panorama episode, Shaken Babies: What's The Truth?

You can view this programme via the link below.

See the Regional Inter-agency procedures on Shaken Baby Syndrome ITBI Safeguarding Children And Young People  Click the link below

Have you been through this horrific ordeal?

Who has supported you through it?

We are here for you!

Charlee's Angels hosts a private support page for UK families who have been affected by Shaken Baby Syndrome.

All the families in the group are there for each other and could be there for you to.

Please get in touch by emailing us.

Reality Works Virtual Baby

This is Josie, a new member in our SBS family.

Josie is a mechanical simulation doll which demonstrates the areas of the brain affected by Shaken Baby Syndrome. Josie is currently helping in the new programme ICON that is being piloted throughout areas of the NHS.

Annual Candlelight Vigil

We held our 5th Annual candlelight vigil on 1st March 2019
Here are some of the beautiful candles lit for all SBS angels and survivors.

1st March is the anniversary to when Charlee gained his angel wings. So in his memory we decided to set up a facebook event and invite people to take part in lighting a candle or tealight to spread awareness of Shaken Baby Syndrome. 

To take part then follow the instructions above and share your lit candle at or on Twitter 

@CharleesAngels1 using 


If you are an SBS family, maybe snap a shot with a photo of your angel or survivor. 

This is about recognition for Shaken Baby Syndrome and acknowledging all victims.