Who do I turn to?

Posted by Charlee's Angels on June 18, 2015 at 1:25 AM
Don't think about people judging you on your parenting Skills... There are people you can turn to in you moments of need! I can remember after my grandad passed away and I was so upset I couldn't sleep... My little boy was crying and I felt I couldn't cope.. I phone my mum and she came and picked us up... I was a 17 year old mum...with a 1 1/2 month old..! If you look.to our home page there are recommendations of who you can turn to! A number for Cry-sis and. Helpful parent tools to try to soothe your baby. If you have tried everything and are becoming more stressed... Anxious.... Frustrated... Put baby down and walk away... Allow yourself time to compose yourself.. There is nothing wrong with letting baby cry it out but check on baby at regular intervals..every.5-6 minutes.. And remember that crying is the only way baby can communicate there needs .... For toddlers....it can be behavioural ... Leave them in a safe room such as the living room, close the door allow time to finish seething... Return in a few minutes ... Never Shake

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