Life as it would have been

Posted by Charlee's Angels on July 12, 2015 at 3:55 PM
We talk about Shaken Baby Syndrome and about victims- survivors and angels Then when we talk about sentencing and justice .. What sentence is long enough?? A life for a life in all cases in my opinion.. Shaken baby syndrome causes 1 in 4 victims to Die and leaves others with servere disabilities. Life as it could have been just doesn't exist anymore for a shaken baby victim.. That isn't the life they were born into... For example: 9 years for manslaughter and the perp will only serve 4 and a half yet a child life has been taken Or 4 years (only serve 2) for GBH or ABH when s child has been left server left serverely disabled and also the parent left to pick up the pieces life is completely taken by that dependant child. A life sentence should be put in place for all child abusers! These people should never be given the "chance" to start a new life! They shouldn't be given any second chances! So if an abusers is let back out into the open around other children.

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