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I am afraid I cannot supply a postal address for safety reasons but can supply an address upon individual requests.  

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If you need someone to talk to urgently reguarding child abuse visit to find the right contact details. If you are struggling with your baby's crying you can call their Cry-sis on 08451 228669

Remember. Your family or friends will be only to happy to help and if they aren't around, try the above contacts or your health visitor or visit or send an email to myself as a very last resort. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible and give the best help that i can offer.

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This music video has been put on here as the words are really meaningful. It shows a young parent who lost his wife after she gave birth to their son. The man took the baby home along with an adoption leaflet. However after struggling to cope with the demands of parenthood, he finally bonded with the baby. The moral of the story is there is a way through, just to have love and patience.

If your child is finding it hard to settle and they have a tempreture, cough etc and you are at the point of panic, try calling #111 for advice, it is an alternative to the emergancy services that offers advice from trained advisors. If your child appears very unwell, lathargic, or showing any other major symptoms, don't hesitate call the emergancy services immedietly


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